Remote Control Sex Toys Vibrating Egg Women Kegel Balls 10 Vibration Modes Ben Wa Balls for Pelvic Floor & Vaginal Tightening

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Remote Control Sex Toys Vibrating Egg Women Kegel Balls 10 Vibration Modes Ben Wa Balls for Pelvic Floor & Vaginal Tightening

【 Remote Control 】The set contains 4 Kegel balls and a remote control.This incredibly vibrator is a great choice for couples who want to spice up their bedroom life.Wow, imagine ,your partner controlling the remote to deeply stimulate every spot you want.The most interesting thing is that this remote control itself is also a vibrator ,which with 10 vibration modes!Maximum remote control distance: 10 meters.
【10-Different Speed Vibration 】Scroll through the 10 powerful speeds and modes,just use the included remote to turn up or down the vibrations to find the setting that works perfectly for your body. Intensify shared pleasure during sex and stimulate your g-spot and clitoris.At the same time, it can also be totally used as a Kegel training ball to train pelvic muscles.
【 Mini quiet vibrator 】 perfectly sized for sensuous seduction and ultimate orgasmic secret pleasure wherever you go. Slip the remote control into your purse, and experience unforgettable sensations on the move! It's as quiet as your partner whispers in your ear.No one will find out the truth!
【 Remote control brings you more fun】The remote control is useful for partner play! you can give it to your partner and using it in a variety of scenarios, In the bedroom, in the car, in the cinema, even in the shop! And each time the button on the remote is pressed it changes the pleasure pattern!or you can playing solo, control your pleasure better,not just fumbling between your legs to adjust settings.
【 Multifunctional sex ball】On the other hand, imitates Kegel ball, which can effectively improve women' s pelvic floor muscles,This is a perfect gift for women tackle some of life’s most embarrassing problems. like vaginal Prolapse Postpartum vaginal relaxation.

Kegel Instructions:
This set comes with a kit of 4 balls of different weights to guide you through a complete training program.

Level 1: Initial Training
One ball 38g, 30 minutes per day, for 1-2 weeks.

Level 2: Intensive Training
Double ball 44g, 30 minutes per day, for 2-3 weeks.

Level 3: Final Training
Double ball 57g Vibrating ball, 30 minutes per day, for 1 month

How to use:
1.Please first use mild water to clean the ball and the silicone ring belt
2.Next use towel or lint-free linen to tap to dry
3.Place the water-soluble lubricant into the ball
4.Then hold up the ball which closed with silicone belt, and laying down, push it into body slowly
5. At last hold the silicone belt and clean it after using.
6. Training procedures: Use single ball 44g for the first time 1-2 weeks, and use double balls 102g during 1 month.Do not exercise during menstruation
7. In the whole process of pelvic floor exercise, except for the pelvic floor muscles, the rest of the muscles of the whole body remain relaxed, avoiding tightening of the abdomen, thighs, and hip muscles.
8. You should breathe normally during the whole process, do not hold your breath

Package included:
1x Kegel Balls Set
1x Remote Control

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