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Suitable age: 7 years old and above Number of games: 2-6
Product accessories: 72 cards, 1 hourglass, 24 chips, 6 headbands, 1 English manual
Color box size: 26.5*26.5*5cm
Gameplay introduction: (Guess what I am?)
Goal: all the chips in hand.
1. Place the card face down in the center of the game area.
2. Each player takes a headband, wears it on his head, and distributes the cards face down to each player. The player inserts the card into the headband so that all players can see the picture.
3. Divide the chips evenly among the players, and put the remaining chips in the middle.
1. The order of the game can be determined by yourself.
2. When it's your turn, turn the hourglass upside down and ask the players a question, and guess what the pattern on the card is by asking the question.
3. You can help you figure out the pattern on your card by asking the player, you can ask questions such as:
"Am I an animal?" "Am I a food?" "Am I a vegetable?" "Am I...?" and similar questions.
4. If you can guess the card before the hourglass time is up, take another card and put it in the headband (remember not to peek at it). If you guess right, you can put the chips in the idle stack and round Go to the next player to ask questions and guess cards.
5. If the card is not guessed by the hourglass time, one chip must be retrieved from the idle chip stack.
Victory decision:

All players with chips will be the winners.