About Us



Aisha shifted her eating habits after losing her mother to cancer 10 years ago. She pivoted to eating more organic and naturally-derived foods over processed foods. Together with her siblings – Jane, Francis, and Fiona – who live in Kenya, Aisha started an organic soaps and candles venture. 


After kickstarting a successful business, the siblings soon realized that most of their supplies were also edible and organic. If it is good enough for your skin, it is also good enough to eat, they thought. That’s when they expanded the business beyond soaps and candles, and into organic foods. These siblings want to share their passion of healthy and organic products with a larger audience. 


That passion led to Aromatic Gardens.


Aromatic Gardens is a member of the fair trade movement, which ensures farmers and producers get fair pricing for their produce and supplies. Aisha imports most of the supplies from Kenya. The siblings work closely with farmers to ensure all the guidelines of organic and natural food production are followed.


Aromatic Gardens ensures that all its products have undergone organic certification, and are free of any genetically modified organisms (GMOs), chemicals or added preservatives.