Lost 35Lbs in 6 Wks!!  Kamut flakes recipe!!

Lost 35Lbs in 6 Wks!! Kamut flakes recipe!!

I used Kamut flakes in my daily smoothie to supplement for my hunger.  Because of its  higher content in proten, fiber, thiamin,  Iron, Zinc and Vit E,  my daily intake of a well balanced Kamut Smoothie allows me to eat less with no hunger episodes, thus dropping my pounds to a size Im really happy with.  

Once you make this smoothie in the morning, use it all day in place of regular meals.  Because it contains protein both in the Kamut and the chia seed butter, this fills you up and you will not eat or bunge.  However, Eat one reasonable meal rich in veggies, fish for dinner lowering the intake of  carbohydrates.

Try this for 6 sixs and you will be amazed at the results!!

Check out this simple recipe!!

1.  Glass of water

2.  Spoon chia seed peanut butter

3.   1 banana

4.  1 Apple

5.  5 Strawberries

6.   5 Blueberries.

7.  1 Cup Organic Kamut flakes

8.  Small spoon Moringa powder, Chia seed, Flax seed.

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