30 Days Belly challenge

30 Days Belly challenge

Took this shot in the morning

Started my morning 30 day belly loosing challenge with a glass of warm water + 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to cleans and detox.  Then for breakfast I will have a Green smoothie consisting of 1/2 cup Kale, 1/2 Pear,  1/2 apple,  5 pcs strawberries, Spoonful each of Hemp hearts, phsyllium husk, Moringa Powder, Flax seed, Chia seed, Maca Root Powder pumpkin seeds.  All the above are available on our website www.aromaticgardens.ca.  

For lunch, steamed fish or breast chicken  and assorted veggies.  for salad...lemon jiuice.

Dinner   same as lunch 


Will take another shot after 2 weeks to see the progress.